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;-; im stuck on the 3rd level


There is a walkthrough  you can watch.

gonna literally follow this step by step now ;-; just wanna get to the other lvls.

Yo this is really cool! Could you give me a link to the discord? I'd love to join it, but the link you give doesn't work :(

Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for telling me about the broken link
Here is the new link:

this has gotta be the most perfect civilisation/panzergeneral style game i have ever played. the graphics are amazing, the mechanics are amazing, the art is amazing (so cute!), the difficulty is just perfect, i wasted so many hours on this and loved wasting so many hours on this.

ABSOLUTE BLAST you should apply to join Firaxis or something, they're probably hiring

1. good to have more levels, more maps! the campaign style was incredible, with well tailored situations and new arrangements that never repeated a previous level, but 7 levels is TOO LITTLE it's like buying some $50 pasta and eating it, tastes like heaven but the portion is TOO DAMN LITTLE (ok not demanding from you just wanna express how much i love this that it's a tragedy there isn't more!! will look at supporting you!)

2. adding some water elements would be cool! maybe bridge building units, or upgrades that can let a unit wade through a bit of shallow water...

I'm generally trying to think of how to improve the replay value so that it's fun to do a level multiple times, especially in letting people use multiple strategies (i usually go for a archer/pikeman/horse army, because the footman has no range and knights are really expensive to get)...

3. maybe add more terrain and enemy types? or game mechanics? would be cool to have a fog of war and a scout unit that's weak but fast! or maybe needing to keep some defences supplied with a bunch of towns far in the rear, have a heavy cannon unit that hits hard but takes 2 turns to load. or a symmetrical map that's a race to the middle to capture some key objective, or launching a surprise attack to destroy enemy spawn camps...

really good fun overall, thanks for making this :)

Hey, thanks for your kind compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game!

Atm I'm not working on this project but I plan to make another Settlers of Albion game in the future, and I'm gathering all the feedback from my players. Thank you for your constructive feedback!

Very fun game!

I haven't finished it yet, but I can give you some suggestions.

1) Mouse drag "pan move" would be very helpful

2) Zoom in and out with mousescroll too.

3) Some way of swapping two units would make units positioning easier

4) There is no way to send some unit to a place, that it can't reach in one turn. It would be nice to have this feature.

Despite that, I think this game is already fun to play. It has nice graphics, pretty clear interface, short but good tutorial, and it's not too easy. 

You may consider adding some sort of animations to moving units (at least some shaking or whatever) or/and some particles. Maybe some tweening to UI would be nice too. It's just my personal fist impression, that game lacks this final touch.

Good job anyways.

Hey, thanks for your suggestions. I think they're on point. I will add all these to my to-do list.


Hey dude, I just supported you because I love this game.  It is amazing for being a free game. 

Some suggestions: 

1) Button to skip all units to end turn. I have to routinely press 'N' 20-30 times at the end of every turn because my units aren't moving between waves. I played the game on armorgames and didn't see that you have a keyboard shortcut to end turn. 
2) A unit's range should be viewable.
3) I should be able to click enemy units to see their stats? I have no idea which units are ranged and realize it a little too late sometimes. 
4) Maybe have a drag and move feature.
5) Zooming in and out of the map would be helpful.
6) Full Screen option. 


Thank you a lot for your support, it means a lot!!

Really like your suggestions, at the moment I've put the game on hold, but I will continue working on it when the time is right for me.
I appreciate your constructive feedback, and I agree with all your points. I've put these all on my to-do list.

Really cool! First off the world looks fantastic and the UI is really easy to understand and use.  I love the idea of building cites and exploring as waves of enemies attack! I have a couple of thoughts though.  Some of the balancing and cost of the buildings and units seems off. It felt way to slow at the beginning as it took a while for me to be able to afford my first settler; maybe having settlers start cheaper and get more expensive each time you buy won would be good? Also why does the lumber camp cost wood, might work better if it cost a different resource than the  one it gives. It's kinda a 'I need wood to get a lumber camp but I need a lumber camp to get wood' situation.  One last thought; have you considered adding fog over unexplored tiles? It might add to the exploration aspect of the game and add a bit of interested and mystery. Anyway I can't wait the see where this game goes, looking forward to the next update

Hey thanks for the feedback, hope the game wasn't too overwhelming without the tutorial. I agree about the balancing aspects and I'm constantly working on it. I like your ideas about the settlers starting cheaper and you are right about the lumber camp, it shouldn't cost wood. As for the fow I will think on it, since I plan on releasing this game before the second week of August and there are more important mechanics that need work atm.